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Packaging Accord: Statement of Intent

Foodstuffs is a signatory to the New Zealand Packaging Accord 2004: Brand Owners and Retailers Sector Action Plan.

The Packaging Accord is a joint initiative between the packaging industry, local and central Government, and the recycling industry, to reduce packaging waste.

The objective of The Accord is to improve the sustainability of packaging used in New Zealand by:

•  Better partnerships and processes.

•  Brand Owners and Retailers taking the primary responsibility for product stewardship throughout the package life cycle.

•  Greater material and energy efficiency in the production, use and recovery of packaging materials.

•  Supply chain initiatives that foster markets for sustainably-made packaging, including more use of recovered packaging material.

From time to time, Foodstuffs may impose terms and conditions of supply related to its obligations and commitments in relation to the Packaging Accord.

Foodstuffs encourage suppliers to become signatories to the Packaging Accord in their own right and to observe its principles. The Packaging Accord 2004 may be downloaded from the website of the Packaging Council of New Zealand at

Suppliers are also asked to adopt and comply with the Code of Practice for the Packaging of Consumer Goods, a self-regulatory code of practice developed by the Packaging Council of New Zealand. The Code seeks to promote excellence in environmental design of packaging while preserving its functionality (e.g. product integrity, public safety, consumer appeal etc.)

In accordance with the Code, and in order to minimise the environmental impact throughout its life cycle, packaging should be designed such that:

• The pack volume and weight are reduced to the minimum required to maintain the necessary safety and hygiene of the packaged product.

• It should be able to be reused or recovered, and the environmental impacts arising from the recovery or disposal are minimised.

• Harmful or hazardous substances and materials occurring in emissions, ash or leachate on disposal are minimised.

Notwithstanding the above, packaging must be suitable to withstand the rigors of the supply chain, preserve the integrity of the product contained, and meet customer requirements for presentation.

A full copy of the Code of Practice may be downloaded from the Packaging Council's website:


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