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Four Square Supermarkets

The Four Square Supermarket group trades predominantly in the rural and provincial towns of the South Island, and caters for mainly top up and semi main order shopping.

Four Square offers an aggressive promotional programme with a range specifically tailored to suit the needs of its customers.


There is a dedicated weekly circular featuring a cut margin specialling programme. See the Four Square Promotions Manager for further details.

Central Distribution & Ranging

Due to the size and the geographical spread of the group, most non-fresh foods are supplied to the members via the Foodstuffs South Island Limited distribution centres.

The Four Square promotional range is controlled and all new products and products for inclusion in the promotional programme must be presented to the Four Square Promotions Manager for obtaining approval.


These are designed for those products distributed through the central distribution network and should be discussed with the Four Square Promotions Manager.

Host Support

The term given to ranging of a product within the Four Square Group. If host supported, Foodstuffs South Island Limited will maintain the necessary databases to ensure the correct scanning information is held by each store.

Trade Spend

As an official supplier to the Four Square group every supplier is required to promote with the group. Funds (trade spend) should be allocated to the group on its share and contribution to business. To ensure that there is fair and equitable spend, each vendor is required to divulge the value of its trade spend with the group. This is to be expressed as a percentage to sales. We will not accept less than our fair share calculated in this manner.

Foodstuffs South Island Limited will regularly monitor trade spend to ensure it is in keeping with its share and that both parties are mutually benefiting from the spend. The Four Square Promotions Manager is responsible for managing trade spend within his/her portfolios. To maximise sales his/her input into the allocation of trade spend is required.

Price Increases/Decreases

Please refer to the Pricing Guidelines Information.

Disputes Protocol

Foodstuffs South Island Limited reserves the right to challenge and take action against any company seen not to be acting in the best interest of the group. Payment disputes should be referred to the Financial Controller in the Finance & Administration Division.

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