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Henry's Beer Wine & Sprits

The Henry's Group trades in the 'traditional liquor' segment offering a full range of beer, wine and spirits. Henry's stores are found in cities and towns throughout the South Island, offering quality, range and service at the best possible price.


The Group offers a fortnightly advertised promotional programme featuring super deals as well as an extensive instore promotional programme.

Features of the Henry's promotional offering are Gift Cards, Fly Buys and Airpoints.

See your Henry's Promotions Manager for further details regarding protocols on how best to promote within Henry's.


Warehouse Withdrawal Promotions are designed for products distributed through the central distribution network and should be discussed with the Henry's Promotions Manager. Vendors must first be approved to participate in this type of promotion.

New Lines

All new lines should be presented to the Henry's Promotions Manager. Details or the ranging procedure can be reviewed here.

Trade Spend

As an official supplier to the Henry's Group, every vendor is required to promote with the Group. Funds (trade spend) should be allocated to the Group based on its share and contribution to business. To ensure that there is fair and equitable spend, each vendor is required to divulge the value of its trade spend with the Group. This is to be expressed as a percentage to sales. We will not accept less than our fair share calculated in this manner.

Foodstuffs South Island Limited will regularly monitor trade spend to ensure it is in keeping with its share and that both parties are mutually benefiting from the spend.

Business Reviews

Foodstuffs South Island Limited requires regular updates of company and category performance. Henry's performance should be benchmarked against its combined competitors performance and vendor performance in the 'traditional liquor' segment.

Any issues relating to market share, stocking, promotions and planograms can then be addressed on a regular basis.

For all major vendors, quarterly, half yearly and annual reviews are required. For all other vendors reviews will be arranged as required.

Price Increases/Decreases

Please refer to the Pricing Guidelines Information.

Category Management

Foodstuffs South Island Limited embraces the principles of category management and offers its members and suppliers a full category management service ranging from planograms through to in-house reviews of individual categories.

All planograms must to be channelled through the Henry's Group Manager for approval. There are strict in-house criteria for shelf layouts, which must be adhered to by all vendors.

Disputes Protocol

Foodstuffs South Island Limited reserves the right to challenge and take action against any vendor seen not to be acting in the best interest of the group. Payment disputes should be referred to the Financial Controller in the Finance & Administration Division.

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