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Because PAK'nSAVE has a policy of 'New Zealand's Lowest Food Prices', the Group is always looking for ways to keep costs down in order to pass those savings on to the customer.

PAK'nSAVE follows a food warehouse format unique to New Zealand supermarket shopping. The brand negotiates and buys a core range of everyday products in bulk and passes the savings on to the customer.

Product Ranging and Shelf Management

The PAK'nSAVE Group operates with a core range of everyday products. All new products must be presented to the Foodstuffs South Island Category Team, who then participate in a ranging committee to review new products and existing product ranges. On acceptance of a new product, it is a requirement that the Vendor contact each PAK'nSAVE supermarket to present the new product. They will then manage the stock order and shelf placement.

All new product ranging is reviewed after 13 weeks

The PAK'nSAVE Group requests that all products are supported with promotional activity to motivate customer purchasing.

All Vendor-developed planograms must be channelled through the Category Services Manager for approval. There are strict in-house criteria for shelf layouts, which must be supported by all suppliers.

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Trade Spend

PAK'nSAVE requests that all Vendors support the PAK'nSAVE Group with promotions across their respective ranges. The Group has a share of trade target and it is anticipated that suppliers will allocate their trade spend in line with this target.

TPR Promotions

Temporary Price Reduction (TPR) Promotions are negotiated with the PAK'nSAVE Promotions Coordinator and run for a defined period as an on-shelf promotion.

SD Promotions

The PAK'nSAVE Group has centralised SD promotions where submitted products are included in display activity at store.

Products selected for the Group SD programme are high volume lines at lower than market pricing.

Instore Promotions

Suppliers can discuss promotional opportunities directly with stores. Stores then have the ability to manage and price their own promotions. 

Sticky Club Fuel Promotions

These are promotions negotiated with the PAK'nSAVE Coordinator and available as an upgrade to existing promotions. This is where the customer will receive additional fuel discounts with the purchase of a product.

Incentive/Value Add Deals

All incentive or value-added promotions must be presented to the PAK'nSAVE Group Manager for Group approval. If approved by the Group, all incentives must be presented directly to each Store Owner/Operator. 

Business Reviews

Foodstuffs South Island request that Vendors make the effort to contact the respective person in the business to share business updates and joint business opportunities

Foodstuffs sees these meetings as a key way of doing business as opposed to submitting for promotions only.

Foodstuffs South Island does have a formal Business Review process where the larger companies can book a top-to-top meeting with Foodstuffs Senior Management.

At-store relationships are also a key part of successfully doing business in the South Island. It is anticipated that all Vendors will have regional contacts who are calling on each supermarket to discuss business opportunities or assist with stock management. Vendors who participate in the Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) programme are encouraged to use this data to highlight to stores where there are business opportunities. 

Price Increases/ Decreases

All price changes to Foodstuffs products have to be approved by Foodstuffs Own Brands with a minimum of six weeks lead time to the date of the change.

Any changes with respect to Vendor list prices should be shared with the PAK'nSAVE Group Manager and changes to the promotional programme directed to the PAK'nSAVE Promotions Manager/Coordinator.

Disputes Protocol

Foodstuffs South Island Limited reserves the right to challenge and take action against any Vendor seen not to be acting in the best interest of the Group. Payment disputes should be referred to the Credit Controller in the Finance, Accounting & Administration Division.

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