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Raeward Fresh

At Raeward Fresh we are the 'Fresh Food People,' offering a comprehensive range of quality fresh fruit, vegetables and 100% NZ meat.

Our fresh food focus is complemented by our Finishing the Meal product range, which utilises local and national artisan producers in order to create a differentiated range and market feel.

The Group consists of five stores; with three in Christchurch, at Harewood, Tower Junction and Marshlands, as well as Richmond in Nelson, and Queenstown.


Presentations of new products can be made to individual store owners or the in-store ranging specialists, or to the Raeward Fresh Group Manager. From 1 August 2016, all new products will need to be loaded onto the Product Flow or Data Express websites before presenting. 

Price Increases/ Decreases

All pricing changes must be communicated to the Raeward Fresh Group Manager. A minimum of four weeks' notice prior to the effective date is required.

Any issues or opportunities regarding Raeward Fresh shelf prices should be directed to the Raeward Fresh Group Manager.

Please refer to the Pricing Guidelines Information.

Disputes Protocol

Foodstuffs South Island Limited reserves the right to challenge and take action against any vendor seen not to be acting in the best interests of the group. Payment disputes should be referred to the Financial Controller in the Finance & Administration Division.

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