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Fresh Produce, Butchery and Seafood

The Produce and Butchery promotional programmes are advertised weekly through newspapers, store mailers, subscriber emails and radio.

The process for scheduling Produce promotions starts approx. 10-12 days prior to the promotion commencing, while for Butchery promotions the scheduling begins up to four weeks in advance. The procuring of these promotions is completed by the Raeward Fresh Promotions/Merchandising Coordinator.


The Grocery promotional programme is coordinated by Head Office, and suppliers are invited onto this program if the Group feels that the product suits the Raeward Fresh strategy by complementing its fresh departments.

Our Raeward Fresh Grocery promotions are negotiated with the Promotions/Merchandising Coordinator and run for a period of either two or four weeks as an on-shelf promotion, with two or four weeks off-promotion.

There are a few options for suppliers to choose from when offering deals to the Raeward Fresh Group Promotions.

Scan Back: This is a type of performance promotion whereby the discount to the Raeward Fresh Group is calculated from Point of Sale scans. This discount must be approved by the Raeward Fresh Promotions Coordinator before the promotion can commence. Our stores then report the POS data for the promotional period and charge back the supplier.

Warehouse Withdrawal Promotions: These are designed for products distributed through the Foodstuffs South Island Ltd central distribution network (ambient, chilled and frozen) and should be discussed with the RF Promotions Coordinator.

Off Invoice Discount: A percentage discount offered on the cost of a promotional product.

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