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Trading with Foodstuffs

Browse the following sections to gain a better understanding of how to trade with Foodstuffs.

The Vendor Account

In order to conduct business with Foodstuffs a trading account must first be established in order to process and make payment of any invoices.

Charge Through Facility

The Charge Through facility is designed to simplify the charging of goods and services supplied to our retail members' stores. The system enables our retail members to purchase goods without having to pay direct.

Payment Terms

Terms must be accepted and agreed upon in writing before any transactions may be made to any of Foodstuffs Banner Groups of Distribution Centres.

Terms of Trade

Where the vendor has terms and conditions surrounding the purchasing of goods, these are to be submitted to the Wholesale Merchandise Manager for approval and are to meet the requirements of the Foodstuffs National business.


The vendor is expected to operate of a fully disclosed "Trade Price List". It is from this that any Terms of Trade discounts will apply.


If articles delivered were not ordered, or an alternative product is sent and these items are not required, they will be returned to you along with a notification of discrepancy advising the reason for the return.

Credit Notes & Claims Resolution

Overview of the Credit Notes and Claims Resolution processes within Foodstuffs South Island Limited.


Overview information relating to product ranging processes within Foodstuffs South Island Limited.

B2B eCommerce

A website solution has been developed for vendors that require minimum effort electronically to trade with Foodstuffs.

Space Management

Space management relates to positioning and layout of product within our public facing premises.

Product Recall

We have an obligation to comply with the New Zealand Food Amendment Act 1996, the Food Standards Code Australia New Zealand, and the New Zealand Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992 and as such have strict product recall procedures.

Business Review

The vendors Annual Corporate Business Review is both an important and expected part of doing business. We accept that not all vendors will review business that at this level.