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If articles delivered were not ordered, or an alternative product is sent and these items are not required, they will be returned to you along with a notification of discrepancy advising the reason for the return. Please do not raise a credit note upon receipt of the notification of discrepancy as this document is an advice only. If necessary an official credit note request will follow in due course.

In the event where we receive an invoice and are charged for any article(s) which were not ordered and returned, we will notify you in writing and request that the invoice be credited in full and a new invoice be issued (minus the incorrect articles). If you have already raised a credit note for the incorrect items against the invoice, then the credit note will also need to be cancelled. To avoid any delay in payment we ask that you adhere to this policy at all times.

Did you know

PAK'nSAVE was the first to install self checkouts in NZ.

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