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Product Recall Procedure

We wish to remind you that our members and Foodstuffs South Island Limited have an obligation to comply with the New Zealand Food Amendment Act 1996, the Food Standards Code Australia New Zealand, and the New Zealand Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992. In order to do so we have to be assured that product(s) supplied either direct to our members, or via our warehouses comply with this legislation.

ProductRecallNZ ( is Foodstuffs preferred method of communication for withdrawals and recalls in New Zealand.

In the event of a food & health safety issue resulting in either a public product recall or trade product recall, in addition to this information being communicated via ProductRecallNZ - we also request that the following communication lines to Foodstuffs South Island Limited be followed:

Order Of Contact Title and Position Day Time Contact
(8am - 5pm)
After Hours Contact

Jocelyn Thornley

Food Safety Manager

(03) 363 6944 021 957 537

Amanda Butler

Food Safety Advisor

(03) 353 8744 021 320 617

Leigh Whakahau

Food Safety Advisor

(03) 353 8622 021 726 184

David MacKenzie

Merchandise Operations Manager

(03) 353 8791 021 713 261

In conjunction with the use of ProductRecall NZ - Contact by telephone must be made with one of the above listed Foodstuffs South Island Limited employees.

Foodstuffs South Island Limited will then advise our branch managers and members via our internal systems. Obviously, if suppliers and retailers work in tandem, we will minimise any effects that defective product may have on our customer base.

Any queries please contact the undersigned

Jocelyn Thornley
Food Safety Advisor
Foodstuffs South Island Limited
Private Bag 4705
Christchurch, Fax 03 353 8195
Email: Jocelyn Thornley

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