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Giving back to South Island communities


With a store in every part of the South Island - it's our communities, big and small, who support Foodstuffs. In turn, every day of every year we support them right back.

The Foodstuffs (South Island) Community Trust has many years history in helping people and organisations achieve their goals. Sometimes it's the local Scouts group or the marching band, a school or a sports team. We are there - with funding available to help better the lives of South Islanders.

In addition to the many smaller grants made, we have one major funding partnership with an organisation which has a wide-spread community-based benefit across the South Island. Right now, this is the St John Friends of the Emergency Department (FEDs) programme.

How can I apply for funding?

All applications need to be endorsed by a Sponsor - in many cases, this is the Owner of your local Foodstuffs supermarket. Donations are typically granted in three key areas:

  • Community welfare
  • Education
  • Cultural and recreational

Click here to learn more about our criteria

 To apply…

Four times a year, the Board comes together and reviews applications. Simply download the Application for General Grant document.

The Trust considers application from schools, clubs, groups and individuals. Over this last year it has supported the purchase of educational books and toys for schools and kindergartens, furniture and whiteware in community or sports halls, playground equipment, defibrillators, a ventilator and sports uniforms. It has helped dozens of students attend University and encouraged many more on exciting education pathways.

Foodstuffs South Island Community Trust excerpts of the Annual Report, 31 March 2019

The Trust is continuing a successful partnership with the St John Friends of the Emergency Department (FEDs) programme.  The  programme cover eight South Island hospitals and  is supported by 232 volunteers. The Trust has recently been awarded the "Priory Vote of Thanks" from St John. This award is given in recognition of the exceptional contribution the Trust has made to the work of St John over the many years of sponsorship.

The Trust continues to support the First Foundation.  The principles of the First Foundation is that all young people should have the opportunity to achieve their dreams, irrespective of socio-economic status.  First Foundation also recognises it is very important to provide role models to help recipients to prepare for transition into tertiary study and provide guidance along the way.


Over the last financial year as well as supporting the major grant recipients, grants in the following categories were distributed by the Trust.

  • Education Grants: $89,750
  • Community Grants: $383,952

Meeting Dates

Thursday 30 January 2020

Thursday 7 May 2020

Tuesday 21 July 2020

Tuesday 25 August 2020

Thursday 5 November 2020

  • To apply please complete an application form and attach quotes. Please check the information for applicant sheet to ensure your request meets our criteria.
  • Present the application to a Sponsor or Supporter (click here   for a list of sponsors and supporters) .
  • Please DO NOT leave the application form at the service desk of a store. Please note applications close 2 weeks before the meeting.  

Please note applications close 2 weeks before the meeting.

Please contact Christine Renwick on (03) 353 8719 for more information about the Community Trust or email


  Application For General Grant (182kb)

  Information For Applicant (15kb)

  Supporters and Funders List Dec 2019 (119kb)

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