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It’s been 15 days of giving, and we haven’t even hit Christmas
Foodstuffs South Island

-          Foodstuffs South Island has donated more than $50,000 to people in need

-          Additional product has been donated to the Kaikoura marae, Kaikoura Hospital

November 30, 2016- Since the big shakes on  November 14, for 'Foodies', as the company is known fondly, it's been about how much they can give in time, money and energy to get North Canterbury back on track again.  Kaikoura has been a big beneficiary - and it's the least the team could do for one of New Zealand's well known towns.

"I have to take my hat off to Glen Steele and his team at New World Kaikoura and our support crew from Christchurch," says Steve Anderson, CEO Foodstuffs South Island, "They have been working non-stop to get the store up and running with ample fresh supplies for the locals delivered through a combination of air, land and sea.  They've done it with a smile on their faces as wide as the ocean lapping on Kaikoura beaches." 

In addition to the goods Foodstuffs South Island has donated to the community through the team at Civil Defence, they've also given out more than $50,000 worth of emergency grants to people who have been hit hard by the 7.8 earthquake. 

Foodstuffs South Island has a Community Trust which swings into action at times like these.  "We've had this in place for a while now - and in addition to the work we do on a day-to-day basis to support the community, it enables us to help fellow New Zealanders who need urgent support. When families, individuals and community groups approach us for help we quickly evaluate their needs and decide what we can do.  It works well - the feedback we get is overwhelmingly positive," says Anderson.

As work continues to get Kaikoura back to normal operations, the New World team, supported by Foodstuffs South Island, will certainly be doing their part to make a difference.  As we head into the holiday season, which is destined to be vastly different than expected, the natural generosity of New Zealanders and New Zealand companies is really showing through.

You can apply to the Foodstuffs South Island Community Trust through this website: .  

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