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COVID-19 Update - FAQs
Foodstuffs NZ

How will the continuation of the current situation, with Auckland at Alert Level 3 and the rest of the country at Alert Level 2, impact physical distancing? 

We are asking all customers, regardless of where they live, to adhere to physical distancing in our stores. This move is one New Zealanders are familiar with from our previous time spent in lockdown. Customers will also see the return of physical distancing signage including posters and store decals advising of the 2m physical distancing. It's important all customers maintain 2m physical distancing when shopping to keep both themselves and our teams safe.

Will you be restricting customer numbers in stores outside of the country even though these regions are at Level 2?

The move to Level 2 for all regions except Auckland means that all New Zealanders must maintain the appropriate physical distancing measure of 2m when shopping in store. This means stores will be limiting the number of customers allowed in-store at any given time.

Customers have grown accustomed to the Perspex screens at checkout and readily available trolley wipes and hand sanitizer in store. We encourage customers to the sanitising options available, and to remain vigilant with their hand washing routines as this is the best line of defense against Covid-19.

Can I shop with my family?

Please be mindful that when you shop with multiple members of your household when you don't need to, you're preventing other customers from entering the store and contributing to longer queue times. Stores are trying hard to keep queues short as they know queuing outside in winter can be cold and wet for customers which is less than ideal.

Are you increasing your cleaning protocols to keep staff and customers safe?

We have already reinstated safety and cleaning measures in all stores nationwide which includes increased sanitisation of high touch areas including checkout belts, EFTPOS terminals, self-checkouts and trolleys.

Are customers allowed to bring their own reusable bags back to South Island stores?

Yes, customers who live in the South Island are welcome to continue shopping with their reusable bags.

Do you still have bag packers at South Island store checkouts?

Yes, still have bag packers in place across our South Island stores. 

What is your stock situation for in-demand products?

We have an incredibly robust supply chain and we are well-versed in dealing with spikes of product demand. We have ample stock of in-demand products and continue to encourage customers to shop normally. Stockpiling puts unnecessary stress on the supply chain and takes essential products away from others - we ask customers resist the urge and #shopnormal.

What is your current mask supply situation? 

We've been preparing for this since the last lockdown and nationwide, we have more than 8 million masks in our supply chain. Our teams are working tirelessly to get these through the system and onto store shelves for customers. If your store is low or out of mask supply, please rest assured that more stock is on the way - it's simply making its way through. As always, we encourage customers to shop normally and only buy what they need, as they need it.

Will you be imposing product limitations on certain products in the South Island?

We have an incredibly robust supply chain and our teams are working tirelessly to ensure a steady flow of product into stores around the country.

Before heading to the supermarket, we're asking all customers to take a look in their pantry first - if it is still well stocked, please only buy what you need. By shopping normally, you are doing your part to help New Zealand fight Covid-19. Our store teams are doing their part by keeping shelves stocked, and we are introducing product limits for some in demand products in an effort to make sure there is plenty to go around.

Product limitations will vary by store. Please only buy what you need, as you need it. It's important we continue to #shopnormal as this helps keep shelves stocked and ensures all New Zealanders can get the essentials they need.

Will your South Island stores display the NZ Covid Tracer app? Are you requiring customers to scan before entering stores?

All stores across the country will have the NZ Covid Tracer app poster displayed at store entrances. We are encouraging all customers, no matter where they live or which store they visit, to please scan the QR code on the poster and follow the prompts to register. This is to keep you, other customers and staff safe in the event the Ministry of Health needs to implement contact tracing.

Are you requiring customers to wear masks in store?

As guided by the Government, individuals living outside of the greater Auckland region are not required to wear face masks.

Our stores have good supply of face masks, but if your local store is currently out of stock, rest assured more stock is on its way and please consider the Government's advice of fashioning your own face mask in the meantime.

Are you reinstating your emergency worker prioritization?

What is your current mask supply situation?
At this stage we have not reinstated priority access for emergency workers. We will review our position on this over the coming days.

Is Lotto still available?

Yes, store Lotto counters are still open but we ask all customers to please be mindful and adhere to physical distancing measures.

How are you verifying identity for age restricted items? Are you asking customers to remove their masks if they are purchasing restricted items?

We are required by law to verify age for restricted items. This includes checking that the identification presented to purchase the items belongs to the customer present.

If a customer is wearing a mask, and staff cannot verify their identification, then we will ask the customer to briefly remove their mask so we can verify their identity. If a customer is unable or unwilling to remove their mask, then unfortunately staff may have to decline the sale.


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