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COVID-19 Update - FAQs
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How will the move to L2 change physical distancing measures in store? 

As the country moves from Alert Level 3 to Alert Level 2, the requirement to continue appropriate physical distancing, in particular from strangers, means that at Alert Level 2 customers will experience largely the same safety protocols at the supermarket as they saw during Alert Levels 3 and 4.

This means maintaining the 2m physical distancing length, managing in-store customer numbers, perspex screens and increased hygiene measures will continue to keep our customers and staff safe

Why are there still long queues if we've moved down Alert Levels? 

We are maintaining the 2m physical distance for customers and staff in and around the store so we can play it safe. Customers will still find floor decals, perspex screens and limited numbers in store so the 2m distance is maintained during your shop and as staff work hard to replenish shelves.

We continue to ask customers for their patience if their store has an external queue to enter the store or a queue at checkout.

By sticking to the 'one shopper per household' policy, we're able to allow more customers in store and keep external queues moving. When you shop with multiple members from your household, you're taking away spots for other customers to enter the store in a timely manner and lengthening the wait time for those who are waiting in the external queue.

Why do your stores still require the 2m distance when other businesses are only allowing 1m distance?

The requirement to continue appropriate physical distancing, in particular from strangers, means we need to keep the 2m physical distance requirement in stores since lockdown began so we can continue to play it safe.

Are you removing the queue prioritisation of emergency workers and medical professionals from stores at L2?

As New Zealand moves to Alert Level 2, we feel it is the appropriate time to cease priority queuing for emergency workers and healthcare professionals. We remain extremely appreciative of the hard work our emergency services, Police and medical teams have put in as the country has fought hard against COVID-19, however, priority queuing was put in place to facilitate access while store hours were limited during Level 3 and 4 - as opening hours have returned to normal it feels like the right time to revert back to normal shopping protocols as well.

Will the move to L2 impact stores' takeaway coffee? Will stores with seated cafes open up under L2?

Stores offering a takeaway coffee service will continue to do so under Alert Level 2 adhering to appropriate restrictions and utilising contactless ordering and payment processes to keep customers and staff safe.

Stores with seated cafes will be opening back up on a case by case basis. Store cafes which have reopened, will comply with the Government's 'three S' rule (seated, separated and single server) and all customers will be asked to comply with these measures to keep everyone safe. We ask customers to please visit their local store's Facebook page to learn if their store's café seated area has reopened.

Unless stated otherwise, all food and drinks, including coffee, prepared or purchased on site, cannot be consumed on site. Please note this does not apply at store cafes.

Are stores changing their trading hours to comply with L2 and more people going back to work?

Most stores are back to their normal trading hours, but for confirmation, we recommend visiting the brand website or your local store's Facebook page to stay across your store's trading hours.

Will stores still have product limitations in place?

Most product limitations in stores have been removed and we encourage customers to continue to shop normally.

Will there still be queues to get into the store and at checkout?

With the need to maintain physical distancing, there may still be queues both outside and in-store, this is because shopper numbers in-store will continue to be limited. Security at store entrances are responsible for monitoring stores' numbers and stores' one in, one out policy.

Will Lotto be opening back up?

Lotto NZ counters are able to re-open under Alert Level 2 with additional health and safety measures in place to keep staff and customers safe. We ask customers to please adhere to the physical distancing measures at Lotto counters.

Can I shop with my family?

We will continue to monitor the number of people allowed in stores as we have during previous alert levels to maintain the appropriate physical distancing. Stores are now allowing customers to shop with their families on a store by store basis, but if you can, please continue to shop alone. If you need to shop with your partner or children, please comply with physical distancing measures and stick together when shopping in store. 

I've heard some customers are being pretty unkind to some of your front-line staff.

We need customers to play their part in pulling together to fight COVID-19 and we need to look after each other. The arrival of COVID-19 has absolutely put pressure on our supply chain, but it's robust and we're coping well under the circumstances.  The best thing people can do to help us get through this is to shop normally and resist the temptation to stock up, this is where the pressure comes.  We have all the basics in good supply.

Our request is to please be kind to our staff on the front line, they are humans like the rest of us, dealing with volumes akin to Christmas every day. We may all need to take a deep breath from time to time as everyone is doing their best. Please be patient with staff and remember the Golden Rule: treat others how you would like to be treated.

Are you going to keep sanitising trolleys and baskets?

Yes, robust cleaning and sanitisation processes for high-touch areas and objects such as checkout conveyor belts, self-checkouts, doorknobs and trolleys remains in place.

Are you providing antibacterial wipes and/or hand sanitiser for staff or customers?

Our stores have sanitising facilities for customers to use including wipes for cleaning trolley handles and hand sanitiser dispensing units which are placed strategically around stores. Some stores might even have designated staff wiping down trolleys after customer use.

At store and throughout the supply chain, staff are across all health and safety protocols as advised by health authorities to keep themselves and customers safe. This includes cleaning and disinfecting measures which are in place throughout the entire store and are aligned with food safety practices and frequent hand washing. Our checkouts are sanitised regularly throughout the day and again if any spills and leaks occur.

We advise customers to thoroughly and routinely wash their hands as maintaining robust personal hygiene and keeping physical distance from others remains the best defence against COVID-19.

Will checkout bag packers be coming back?

The return of checkout bag packers will be reintroduced on a store by store basis. Please check with your local store for their policy, but please be prepared to continue packing your own bags and/or trolleys. This is so we can all maintain the 2m physical distancing requirements within checkout areas. Thank you for understanding and your flexibility.


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