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COVID-19 Update - FAQs
Foodstuffs NZ


We're proud to stand with New Zealanders and celebrate the elimination of COVID-19, and a return to shopping normally for our stores, teams and most importantly, our customers.

Are store opening hours back to normal?

Some of our stores temporarily adjusted their opening times during Levels 4-2, most will be back to normal in Level 1. You can check your current store opening hours online. 

Will you be continuing with enhanced hygiene practices?

Yes, the robust cleaning and sanitisation processes for high-touch areas and objects such as checkout conveyor belts, self-checkouts, doorknobs and trolleys remain in place at Level 1. 

Will I be required to keep physical distance in store? 

Now we're at Level 1, customers are no longer required to keep 2m physical distancing in store. 

Will I need to queue to get into the store? 

At Level 1 we're not required to physically distance or restrict the number of people in the store at any one time, so it's really unlikely you'll encounter a queue to get into a store. 

Will the plastic screens at checkout stay in place? 

We're leaving the plastic screens up during Level 1, we do plan to remove them once we're clear of the Levels. 

Will all departments be open in the store? 

Yes, our bakers, butchers, seafood, and deli serve overs are all back to operating normally. 

Can I bring my own container or reusable hot drink cup to store? 

Good news. If your store previously accepted BYO containers and reusable hot drink cups, you can now bring them with you to store during Level 1. 

Can I shop with friends and family? 

Yes! At Level 1 you can shop at the supermarket with whoever you choose. 

Will I still be able to use the government app for contact tracing? 

Yes, it's recommended we all continue to keep a record of where we've been during Level 1, so we'll be keeping the Ministry of Health QR codes on display for customers to use. 

Can I bring my reusable bags into the store? 

Absolutely. Reusable bags can now be brought into the store with you.

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