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Foodstuffs’ Pledge to Promote Healthier Eating

Product Reformulation

Foodstuffs is committed to steadily improving the nutritional profile of its private label foods so that our customers can eat more healthily.

We will take a leadership role in encouraging suppliers of proprietary brands to continue their product reformulation efforts and/or introduce healthier options, so that the nutritional profile of supermarket foods improves overall.

Specifically, we will:

• Reformulate private label products so that by the end of 2018 we will have:

o Reduced the sugar content in existing products by 10% in total.
o Reduced the sodium content in existing products by 10% in total.
o Reduced saturated fat content across the private label range.
o Made nutrition a consideration when developing new products.
o Promote product reformulation with our supplier community by championing this cause whenever we formally engage with suppliers.
o Establish a new Supplier Award to recognise supplier commitment and achievement in supporting our objective to make more nutritious food available to our customers.

Health Star Ratings

Nutritional labelling plays an important role in enabling customers to quickly assess the relative healthiness of a food product and make healthier choices. Foodstuffs was among the first companies to sign up to Health Star Ratings (HSR) labelling when the scheme launched in 2014. To date we have put health stars on the labels of more than 600 foods.

The adoption of HSR across the wider food sector has been slower than anticipated. Foodstuffs will take up the cause to champion the wider adoption of HSR.

Specifically, we will:

• Lead by example by committing to complete the roll-out of HSR on all private label foods by the end of 2018 - 12 months earlier than originally scheduled.
• Promote the wider adoption of HSR among our supplier community by championing this cause whenever we formally engage with suppliers. 


In 2007 Foodstuffs established the Food for Thought Trust, a charitable trust. In partnership with the Heart Foundation, the Trust provides free nutrition education to primary school aged children. Based on Ministry of Health nutritional guidelines, developed in conjunction with teachers to meet the requirements of the NZ Education Curriculum, and delivered by qualified nutritionists, the Food for Thought enquiry-based learning Programme has now reached more than 110,000 children.

Foodstuffs has made a long-term commitment to the Trust and as part of our pledge to promote healthier eating we will work with the Trust and the Heart Foundation to make Food for Thought available to every primary school. Lower decile schools will get first priority.

Marketing Activities

Foodstuffs is committed to the responsible promotion of food and commits to complying with all the relevant ASA Codes, including an updated Code for Advertising to Children.

Foodstuffs is currently exploring further ways to promote the cause of healthier eating and will announce new initiatives in the future.


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