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Trading with Foodstuffs

Browse the following sections to gain a better understanding of how to trade with Foodstuffs.

Setting up your Trading Account

Foodstuffs South Island has a trading relationship with over 2,500 product suppliers. When you become an approved supplier, you join our community as part of the South Island's largest grocery organisation.

Product Safety and Recall

At Foodstuffs, we are committed to ensuring that all the products we sell are safe. Everyone supplying products to our stores must comply with regulations from MPI and other relevant legislation.

Product Ranging

Product Ranging is the process we use to determine which products should appear on our supermarket shelves.

Your Unique Barcodes

Our supply chain, from purchase through to Point of Sale, relies on correctly identifying the products we buy and sell. All packaged goods for resale must have a GS1 barcode applied to both the retail product and the carton.

Your Product Information

Our business cannot run without accurate product information. To manage the information about the tens of thousands of products we buy and sell, we operate an integrated National Product Information Management (NatPIM) system.

Credit Notes & Claims Resolution

At times there are problems with pricing, quantity or returns. We will generate a credit request at these times, providing a notification. Vendors are expected to be proactive in providing a credit note.


Foodstuffs operates the Foodstuffs eXchange (FSX) to send and receive eCommerce transactions for stock purchases.

Business Review

We review our relationship with our key suppliers regularly, at a level determined by the magnitude of your business with us.