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Credit Notes & Claims Resolution

Credit Notes

When a credit note is issued in respect of a claim, whether this be a returns order or a credit note request, it is crucial to our process that our 10 digit claim number (which starts with 510.......) is quoted on the credit note. Without this detail it is extremely difficult for us to identify what the credit relates to, which will potentially lead to more enquiries from our payments team and will delay the credits on your Foodstuffs statement appearing.

Disputed / Declined Claims Resolution

In the event that claims are generated for pricing, quantity or returns, a notification will be provided and Vendors are expected to be proactive in providing a credit note. For any disputed or declined claim a detailed written response must be sent within 90 days following the deduction from the statement. Failure to meet this criteria will result in a "Non-Payment Recognition"

Please go to the attached link for more detail surrounding this process and our requirements


  Credit Notes & Claims Resolution (442kb)

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