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Foodstuffs operates the Foodstuffs eXchange (FSX) to send and receive eCommerce transactions with our suppliers.

This system was first developed in 2002 and has become a core part of our business.  This collaborative eCommerce initiative is provided by both Foodstuffs Companies with the aim to make B2B eCommerce a win-win solution for our supply chain.  The eXchange eCommerce system has transformed our business relationship with suppliers. It does this by minimising transaction costs, and increasing accuracy and efficiency of the supply chain.

Suppliers can choose to integrate transactions with their back-office systems, or interact via the easy website interface, to receive and confirm purchase orders and send invoices to us for processing.

The Foodstuffs eXchange includes services to translate between barcode numbers (GTINs) and suppliers' own product codes, along with a Store Code translation service.  There is full visibility and document tracking for up to 90 days of transactions to assist troubleshooting if required.

In parallel to the website, the B2B eCommerce layer offers the following features:

  • It accepts messages from the website, HTTPS, FTP or email.
  • Translates the messages between Foodstuffs and a supplier covering more than 25 file formats and versions.
    • Foodstuffs XML formats are the preferred standard
    • We offer full support for suppliers when implementing B2B via this standard
  • Product and store codes are translated, with B2B communications updating the website allowing it to be used as a fall-back by suppliers.
  • Messages are sent to the recipients using the preferred transport, agreed at the time of integration.

All B2B eCommerce transactions are available to view and track via the eXchange website Document Tracking function. The website is also your entry point to our Data eXpress solution for adding and updating product data.



  Foodstuffs eXchange Application Form (29kb)

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