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Wholesale Operations

Browse the following sections to gain a better understanding of Foodstuffs Wholesale Operations.

Policy and Procedure Guidelines

Our wholesale operations are extremely disciplined owing to the large number of orders received each day. Please make yourself familiar with our policies and procedures for our respective distribution centres (DC's).

Barcode Symbology

Foodstuffs South Island Limited, as a member of GS1 New Zealand, fully endorses the use of appropriate barcode symbology on all retail and distribution units.

Dangerous Goods

All vendors must comply with all regulations as laid down by the LTSA with regard to the transport and delivery of the product to Foodstuffs South Island Limited distribution centres and retail outlets.

Foodstuffs Primary Freight Network

Foodstuffs operates a national freight network for purpose of primary freight. Foodstuffs reserves the right to pick up purchased goods direct from vendors premises, for distribution through the Foodstuffs network.