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Wholesale Procurement Introduction

Foodstuffs operate central distribution centres located at Hornby in Christchurch, as well as in Dunedin. These DC's are replenished by the central buying team located at the Foodstuffs Corporate office in Papanui. These DC's purchase ambient and temperature controlled merchandise. Purchases into these central DC's are designed to utilise and maximize the efficiencies of the trading terms agreed with our vendors. These DC's are a hub for distribution to retail sites and Trents Cash and Carry sites located in key centres throughout the South Island.

Foodstuffs have developed controls around the efficiencies of stock management. These controls include the management of inventory holding both in physical stock and stock values. Target expectations are set for stock cover and the lead time for purchase order deliveries. Overstocks along with non-performing and redundant articles are addressed by way of cooperation from our vendors to clear or uplift from the DC's.

Service levels, both inbound and outbound are critical business measures and our expectations on vendors remains high for total supply. Foodstuffs will not accept excuses from its vendors for shortfalls in supply and will constantly remind them of their obligations to our business and promotional commitments. Expected Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) for both inbound and outbound service is 97%. Commitment against promotional articles and Private Label should meet 100%.

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